New song – it’s still work in progress, da fehlt noch etwas action und das Tempo ist auch noch nicht ganz sauber…aber eeeeendlich: ich kann wieder Musik machen!


Den Song kann man auch hier auf Soundcloud h├â┬Âren.


There is a girl, sitting at the window, sad, crying.
When I saw her I wanted to help her.
So I started to talk to her. Giving her the few advices I’ve learned so far in my life:
“Look at the little things. There are hidden rainbows everywhere and soon you will find some bright light again. And remember: the brightest of all lights is within you. That is what you are here for: you need to shine. The more people will shine, the more people will find their personal rainbrow, the brighter this world will become.”

I couldn’t help that girl’s loneliness. But I gave her some thoughts to warm up. I made a change.

That girl was me.


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